Our Story

Fathers vision and sons dream

From Humble Beginnings

On a cold Minnesota November weekend in 2008, a son’s need for offroad mobility was realized by a father and innovation was ignited. A broken boat seat, some electrical work, and 2 tracks, are the ingredients it took to create the first Action Trackchair.


We have come a long way since that cold weekend.


The Action Trackchair reshaped the possibilities and expanded the world of individuals living with mobility impairments, and today is still revolutionizing it.

Orginial Action Trackchair Our Story
Action Trackchair AXIS Our Story
Constantly engineering

More than a decade of evolution

In the last 14 years, we’ve been designing, testing, and optimizing every part and component of our chairs so riders like you get to experience the best all-terrain wheelchair in the world.


We’re the only all-terrain wheelchair company with a global fleet of authorized dealers and regular community events.

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Rigorous Durability Testing

The ability to withstand the most demanding conditions

Our all-terrain wheelchairs go through a rigorous controlled ability test as well as real-world testing and demanding conditions. This involves mud, sand, snow, and water.


The testing was designed to break it so you don’t. To survive the brutal testing the Action Trackchair demanded durability capability and an innovative design. The Action Trackchair is designed to provide freedom and independence to as many people as possible.