Frequently Asked Questions


Do all the Trackchair models tilt?

All chairs, but the Action Trackchair NR and Hawk, come standard with Tilt. The tilt-on-the-fly function is normally a rocker switch installed at the base of the hand grip (on the opposite side of your joystick). However, modifications are available if needed. Installing a longer toggle switch, tilting through a button on the joystick, or moving the rocker switch to a different location are all possible.

What is the difference between Type I and Type II tracks?

The Type I track causes more of a bouncy ride on flat surfaces, like concrete. However, the design (with the knobs in the center) allows for more durability in slippery or sticky types of terrain (like red clay, mud or wet snow).


The Type II track is a smooth ride, with very little bouncing or jarring feeling on concrete. However, the grooves can more easily fill up with wet snow or red clay mud and decrease traction. All other types of terrain are just as easily accessed, like sand, ice, dirt, gravel, etc.

How far or how long can I go on a full charge?

A full charge can last 5 hours of continuous use, or up to 7 miles. However, this varies based on type of terrain and weight of user.

What is the towing capacity of an Action Trackchair?

The Trackchair can easily tow around 150 pounds. However, ALWAYS tow from the lower frame (not the portion that tilts) to avoid damaging the actuator (tilting mechanism). We recommend connecting your haul to the wheelie bar found on the back of the Action Trackchair.

What frame colors are available?

There are 13 base colors, all applied as powder-coat paint. Choices include: matte black, shadow green, red, orange, gloss black, white, desert tan, patriot blue, super blue, soft pink, yellow, hot lime, and hot pink. Hot pink is an additional $321.

For an additional cost of $321 we offer splash colors. These colors are splashed onto the base color that you select. Choices include: white, red, blue, black, orange, flat green, dark chestnut, gray beige, dark gray and gray. (For example, a camo frame is created from a black base color with three splash colors.)

What seat colors are available?

Standard seats include black and Mossy Oak camo. For a $139 upgrade, contoured seating with lumbar and back support can be selected. These color options include Black/Black or Black/Mossy Oak camo. For a $1097 upgrade, Comfort Company seating can be selected.

Is there insurance funding or grants available to help pay for the Action Trackchair?

Check with your insurance company. As of now, personal insurance has paid for some chairs but not every request has been covered by insurance. There are many variables involved that your insurance agent or Trackchair dealer may be able to answer.

Can I drive my Trackchair in water? How deep?

Yes! You can drive in water about 8-10” deep; just avoid covering the tops of the batteries. You do NOT want to submerge the motor controller that is under your seat or your motors. Hosing down these items to wash the chair is fine, or a light rain, but please don’t submerge them.

What if I need a Roho or gel cushion?

A low-profile Roho or gel cushion can be placed on top of our standard cushion.

OR, you can purchase a seat board, remove our standard cushion, and put down your own specialized cushion.

Does the Trackchair come with a safety belt?

Yes, the ST, STS and NT models come standard with a lap belt. The TR and NR models comes standard with a four-point harness. Upgrade to the four-point harness is available for the ST & NT models.


How often do I charge my chair?

We recommend keeping your Trackchair plugged in whenever not in use. The battery charger has a built-in sensor and will not overcharge or condition your batteries.

Can I wash my Trackchair?

Yes, BUT cover and protect the joystick first. Everything can be hosed down, EXCEPT for the joystick. Also, do NOT aim a high-pressure power washer into the motor controller (a grey box) underneath the seat.

How long does it take to charge my Trackchair?

Typically, the 20-amp charger takes 8-10 hours to provide a FULL charge. Just plug it in overnight, and keep it plugged in when not in use.

Will salt water harm my Trackchair?

Yes, salt water is a natural enemy of an Action Trackchair. Try to avoid going in the salt water for long periods of time. After visiting the beach, make sure to thoroughly hose off your entire chair.


How do I get service on my Trackchair?

Service will be provided by your local Distributor/Dealer. His/Her contact information can be found on the “Find Dealer” page on this site.

What warranty coverage is included?

One year bumper-to-bumper. Three years on the welding/frame. Three years on the tracks. Two or three years on the battery charger, depending on brand.

Which battery charger is included?

All models comes standard with the 20-amp Dual Pro charger.

What type of battery do I need to buy, and how often?

The Action Trackchair uses and comes equipped with two 12 volt AGM wheelchair batteries because they excel in high current, high power and in extremely cold environments. Replacement batteries can be purchased at a local Batteries Plus store. Model Numbers are found on the top of each battery. The life of the batteries typically ranges from 18 months to 3 years, but varies from user to user. **TIPS** – Make sure you purchase the exact same batteries, with the posts in the same place. Take pictures of how the batteries are hooked up BEFORE removing.

Can I add a generator to my Trackchair?

Yes, the Action Trackchair can incorporate a 1000-watt generator. You will need to buy the generator mount/rear rack that carries the generator. We recommend the Honda eu1000i Generator. It is quiet, provides an idle setting, and allows you to charge your batteries while away from an outlet. The generator is a good option for those who travel long distances in a single day, or for our heavier users. The Action Trackchair will not drive while charging.