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All-Terrain Wheelchair

The Action Trackchair® Difference

01. Tilt on the fly

Our exclusive patented design provides ultimate operator comfort. You select the seat angle that fits your preference.

02. The Action Trackstander®

Get outdoors, get on your feet and enjoy the freedom that this exclusive design offers.

03. Highly Customizable

Don’t settle for less! Pick from 9 models, 30+ sizes, 21 color choices and 40+ accessories to customize to your lifestyle.

04. Worldwide Presence

With dealers in all 50 states and around the world to meet with you in person; no one does it better than Action Trackchair.

Browse Trackhair® Models

Designed for any adventure

Wide Off Road Wheelchair


Narrow Off Road Wheelchair


Sit Down Off Road Wheelchair

Sit Down

Stand Up Off Road Wheelchair

Stand Up

Rigorous Durability Testing

The ability to withstand the most demanding conditions

Our all-terrain wheelchairs go through a rigorous controlled ability test as well as real-world testing and demanding conditions. This involves mud, sand, snow, and water.


The testing was designed to break it so you don’t. To survive the brutal testing the Action Trackchair® demanded durability capability and an innovative design. The Action Trackchair® is designed to provide freedom and independence to as many people as possible.

Explore together

Discover your freedom

Discover the Action Trackchair® difference, created with you in mind to provide an experience with unlimited opportunities. Explore how an Action Trackchair® can change how you discover the world around you and unleash endless possibilities.

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Our patented design empowers you with the freedom to explore your world in ways you never thought possible.

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Let the Action Difference unlock new adventures with you and your loved ones.

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With many accessories available, let us equip you with the necessary tools on your next adventure.