About us



Tragedy can give birth to a myriad of responses, fortunately for the disabled, Tim Swenson’s response was inspiration, compassion, and motivation to serve his son and others who were disabled.


In 1998 Tim and Donna Swenson’s son, Jeff suffered a spinal cord injury in an automobile accident.  After months of recovery and therapy, Tim’s focus was to see that this disability didn’t prevent Jeff from participating and enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle.


Being a motor sports dealer for over twenty years, Tim focused his energy on creating a mobility product that would allow the disabled to go beyond the paved path and get back into the woods, prairies, and mountains, giving them an opportunity to hike, hunt, fish, and camp with family and friends.  More importantly giving them back more than just mobility but the freedom to decide for themselves-when to go, and where to go.


That dedication led to the creation of the Action Trackchair ®, a twin tracked, electric wheelchair with the power and traction to traverse grass, mud, sand, and snow, to climb and forge water. A network of distributors and local dealers were established to tell the Action Trackchair ® story and introduce the product. Dealers now cover all fifty states and seven foreign countries.


There are four base models, and two FDA chairs, that come in various sizes, with more than a dozen colors available, and a host of accessories that allow users to custom build their chair to match their intended uses, hobbies, and style.


From the beginning disabled veterans have made up a significant percentage of users.  Programs, like the Independence Fund, and Semper Fi have sprung up to provide deserving veterans with Chairs.  Similar groups have formed to serve disabled children, and First Responders.  Additional groups have stepped forward to raise funds for the Nation’s State Parks.  Youth camps, fishing and hunting camps, along with resorts and others in the hospitality industry that have come to recognize the importance of meeting the needs of disabled participants.


Since the introduction of the Action Trackchair ®, and the innovative Action Trackstander ® that allows users to power up into a standing position for tasks better suited to standing, all the while retaining the ability to move about.   Acton Manufacturing, Inc. has added the Action Trackporter ®, with applications in the livestock Industry.  Robotics, exploring opportunities in Mining, Construction, law enforcement, public safety, and the military.   Exciting products are being developed in the growing area of aquaculture.  Most recently Action Manufacturing has ventured into the medical field, with a physical therapy device conceived by doctors in the Veterans Administration.


Through its history Action Manufacturing has remained true to its rural roots, sourcing materials and components from American providers, hiring talented area workers, and supporting local projects.